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Corrigan Lightning Rods, a family-owned business with four decades of industry experience, has provided high-quality lighting protection solutions for the past 67 years. Protect your most valuable assets and use Corrigan Lightning Rods for your lightning protection needs.

Residential and Commercial

Lighting rods are commonly utilized for residential and commercial lightning protection systems as a way to prevent lightning strike damage.

Oil Field grounding and Salt water disposal units

We provide customized lightning protection systems for oil field grounding services and saltwater disposal units. Utilizing these systems helps ensure the safety of employees and the facility.

Weather Vanes and Decorative Pieces

Upon request, we install custom-made weather vanes, hand-crafted decorative air terminals, and other decorative pieces for residential properties.

What is a Lightning Protection System?

Lightning’s hazardous electricity is known for causing destructive fires. We install lightning protection systems, which intercept these charges away from the building, lessening the chances of potential damage. These systems are the best method of protection for your property.

Lightning Rod Diagram

What is a lightning rod?

Lightning rods or “air terminals” are just one component of a more extensive system that helps protect residential and commercial properties from lighting damage.

Do I need to worry about my roof leaking?

No the 2 things we don’t want when we leave your home. We don’t want you to be struck by lightning and we don’t want your roof to leak!

Do lightning rods attract lightning?

No, they do not! Instead, these rods create an underground pathway for the lightning strike, avoiding potential building damage!

Does the phase of construction my home is in affect the installation?

YES! But don’t worry we can install a lightning protection system for a home at all phases of construction.

How do lightning rods work?

Lightning rods direct the lightning away from a building, preventing it from traveling into the structure and causing damage. We use wire connections that extend through the ground and reduce the number of electric currents. The main goal of these lightning protection systems is to dissipate the charges caused by lightning strikes.

Can lightning rods be installed on any type of residential roof?

Absolutely all of our systems are designed for your project specifically in accordance with NFPA Code and LPI Standards.

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